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Sunday, May 22, 2011

AAQR: Impossible Game (paid, action, simple)

There isn't much about the Impossible Game... There are only three controls. Jump, flag, erase flag.

You're a "square". You need to go as far as possible along the track and not have bad things happen to you... Your speed is fixed, so your only option is the jump at the right time and avoid bad things and land on good things.

Obviously when you need to do the jumps in combinations with utmost precision, this gets impossible.

To help you along, you can drop a "restart flag" which means when you die, you start at the flag, instead of all the way back at the start. You can also 'erase flag' which lets you put down a new one (probably when you made it past a particularly nasty section).

If you like this sort of "reflex" game where there is only one action, sure, give it a try. It was free for a day on Amazon Appstore, but the version now costs $1.37.  Sorry, no demo available.

Rating: Try it
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