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Sunday, February 27, 2011

AAQR: Fishbowl LWP (U)

Fishbowl LWP basically have 2 childishly drawn "fish" and some bubbles, moving a bit. It's just... doh.

You can choose different backgrounds, but the fish isn't that well animated. Honest. There are some subtle animations... that are so subtle, I missed them as I didn't see them right away. Few others would have noticed.

Rating: Skip it.


  1. you suck at reviewing apps.

    The "childishly drawn fish" is called a "cartoon", perhaps you've heard of those?

  2. There are much better drawn cartoon fish LWP out there. Cartoon Aquarium comes to mind. I stand by my "childishly drawn" comment.

  3. Each to their own I guess. Not sure how useful this review site is... You can see ratings and feedback directly on android market...