Friday, January 6, 2012

AAQR: Asphalt 6 HD ($0.99) racing

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Asphalt series is a racer from Gameloft that is their "flagship" franchise, and it's one of those fast and furious type racers where you unlock more and more exotic cars (and motorcycles!) Now at version 6, this game is your pretty typical racer.

Basically, you start with something simple, like a Mini Cooper JCW, and you can buy faster vehicles by winnings (about 40K to 60K per race if you win). There's of course, nitro. You pick up nitro on the course, or you can "drift" and that'll get you some nitro too.

Nitro is essential in winning any sort of race. You can also shove other cars into the wall, which will also get you some bonus $$$. If you manage to fill your nitro gauge, you can engage "adrenaline mode", where your car goes hyperfast, as well as be virtually invincible. (And yes, you CAN crash in this game). Asphalt series lets you use up to 3 charges of nitro at the same time (different flames out of the exhaust pipes, and increased speed). There's also specials about getting extra amount of air, extra money and so on.

Each race is considered "won" if you place in the top three, where you're awarded 3 stars for 1st, 2 stars for 2nd, and 1 star for 3rd. Each race also has two bonus objectives, such as knock-down 4 cars, drift 1000 meters, don't crash more than twice, and so on. Each objective is worth another star, for a maximum of 5 stars.

Race types are varied. There's regular race, knock down (crash as many other cars as possible, without being crashed yourself), elimination (don't be last!), drift competition, and so on.

Items are unlocked according to how many stars you got. Every 5 to 10 stars unlocks additional vehicles, "tuning kits" for increased performance, and so on.

The game's graphics is quite good, almost like playing one of the Need for Speed games. Handling is primitive, but that's expected on a phone. Getting the vehicle to drift is difficult though, at least in certain configs. And you need drifting in some corners to achieve optimum speed.

The most "annoying" part about the game is the ability to BUY the upgrades... If you want to buy stars to unlock better vehicles... you can. If you want to BUY ability to unlock upgrades, you can. But that means the game is no longer just 99 cents.

And that's slightly deceptive.

Still, the game's not bad, good for short excursions. For $1, it's a good deal.
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AAQR: Fox U-42 (free, paid) game

Fox U-42 is a u-boat sim where you need to kill merchant ships and escort ships in WW2 without getting killed. It's bird's-eye-view 2D where you give path to your sub and can choose to shoot, and change speed to high or low.

The initial level is easy enough, but dodging escorts can be a problem (trickier than you think). Try the free version and see how you like it first.

AAQR: All My Enemeis (game)

All My Enemies is a pretty plain top-down vertical "shooter" where you destroy enemies coming down toward you. Pretty boring if you ask me. It lets you control the game through both tilt and touch, but that's about it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

AAQR: Dragon Fire (free / 2.99) puzzle

Dragon Fire is basically a puzzle where you need to route different "pulses" of fire to different receptors in the right sequence by moving the various "routers" along the way. This appears to have originated on the iPhone.

In play, it is similar to "traffic control" type games (not airport though). It could be interesting.

The demo has 6 levels, and the full game has 26 levels. Try the demo first.

AAQR: Bird's the Word (game)

Bird's the Word is a word game where you are randomly given a bunch of letters in a grid and you need to use them to make words. Each level is passed if you score above a certain threshold, which means longer words and more words. As letters are removed after each word, it can get challenging for subsequent words!

If you got bored there are additional game modes.

Not bad if you like word games and needs some vocabulary challenges.

AAQR: Beaver's Revenge (game)

Beaver's Revenge is a shameless ripoff of Angry Birds. You are a beaver throwing "fish" at lumberjacks who's out to cut down your forest.

Production value's not bad, but it's such a shameless clone it's... pathetic.

AAQR: Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom (game)

Aporkcalypse is basically a platform/puzzle game where you need to manuever the 4 pigs of aporkalypse, each with their special ability, to get through some certain levels and prevent the aporkcalypse, by sending both angels and demons back to where they belong... in heaven and in hell respectively!

Story's the usual some ultimate evil has disrupted the way it should be and you need to help the four pigs save the world. :)  But obviously it's in a joking manner. Not bad... Try the free version first. Paid version removes the ads.  FREE $1.41

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