Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Canabault / Canabault HD (game)

Canabault and its cousin, Canabault HD, is basically adaptation of a Flash "parkour" game, where you only have ONE control: jump. You have to jump at the right time to keep going, and try not to run into too many things. The idea is to simply run as far as possible without dying.

And really, that's it. The HD version looks a little better. And it has good music, that's it.

Fragger (game)

When Angry Birds came out, there were a TON of clones that tries to emulate the mechanics and/or organization of the game. Some are outright clones (there's one featuring a beaver, or ninjas), but some are actually not too bad, and Fragger is one such.

Fragger is basically Angry Birds, except instead of firing birds with a slingshot, you throw grenades. The idea is to take out all the "terrorists" using the minimum amount of grenades possible.

Everything else is the same: 3 star system to measure how good you were, score, levels, and so on.

Not too bad, and a lot of levels, but not that original.

Cube Crash (game)

Cube Crash is basically a block removal game, with a few twists.

You start with a large field of a LOT of blocks, mixed up, a lot of different colors. You can remove the block in groups of 3 (or more) that are contiguous (touching). As you remove blocks, the shapes "collapse" toward the middle which would create more contiguous groups. The idea is to keep removing the groups until there are not too many left (how many is too many?)

As you advance in levels you get more colors, more randomization, making your choice more crucial.

The game is simple enough, but can get frustrating a bit later, and it's ultimately a bit too plain.