Wednesday, July 25, 2012

4th of July Mahjong (puzzle)

Mahjong tile matching game is dime a dozen in the App Store, so this guy made a "4th of July" version with a bit more red white and blue tile theme.

But it's the same game.

OP-ED: Where's my Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean?

A couple months back, Google started yelling at all the companies that they need to get their act together, stop messing up the Android OS, and start concentrating on pushing out updates to Android 4 to the phones.

In the present, it appears that ONLY SAMSUNG has listened seriously. Apparently Jelly Bean, Android 4.1, is already rolling out to users of Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3, as well as Galaxy Nexus.

Motorola, on the other hand, is just rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich (older version) to RAZR series and the previously promised update for Droid Bionic is "coming soon", August or September. Considering that ICS came out in 2011, this is just ridiculous, so ridiculous that next revision already got released!

This is seriously making me wonder WHY I bought Motorola, which is now OWNED BY GOOGLE THEMSELVES! Even Sony is beating Motorola in the update game!

Where's the commitment?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Concentrate (game, puzzle)

Cocentrate is yet another version of Concentration, and I *think* this version is based on Adobe AIR.

This game has nothing special. There's no global leaderboard, no graphical flair, no twists, it's just a plain game.

And they want $1 for it.

Strikefleet Omega (action, tactical strategy, free)

Strikefleet Omega is a pretty darn good game that is free, though the in-game purchases can get you.

The story is much like Battlestar Galactica: you're the only major combat ship left, all the rest are lost in a huge ambush, and you need to travel the stars, and save humanity, sorta.

The idea is you are a hybrid "carrier" that has a couple fighters, and it will make more as they're lost. You need to protect the carrier from the incoming fighters from the bad guys. You can also put in support ships, such as escort carriers (more fighter groups), mining ships (mine asteroids for fuel and such), and gunships (fires flak at enemy fighters and bombers). The ships can be upgraded as well. You can have up to 6 support ships in a single battle, but you need to spend "currency" (can be mined) for them.

Some of the really good ships you have to spend $$$ on, and I do mean real money. You buy the red credits with real money. Some of the best ships cost red credits. You can also use red credits to buy "perks" which improves your ship or fighters or miners for a single mission. You start with like 10 red credits (you can buy more), don't spend them on frivolous stuff!

Enemies come in waves, from all directions, and you need to move your fighters so they'll take out all the incoming attackers. You can think of it as a "juggling" puzzle as you try to balance various commitments. Protect the mothership, protect the miners, kill bombers, protect the support ships, etc.

Definitely give it a try!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Juminja (game) -- NOTIFICATION PUSH ADS!!!!!!

Do NOT install this game. It gives you notification push ads, even the paid version.

Twinz (puzzle game)

Twinz is a kindergarten version of "Concentration", where you flip two random cards over at a time and try to find matches by making minimal amount of moves. Nothing special here.

This version cost money. There's also a free ad-supported version.

Flick Kick Rugby (game, free)

Flick Kick Rugby is a variation of Flick Kick Football that was released earlier.

The rules are very simple. You need to kick the ball between the upright goal posts from any distance, any angle, with wind. You get different score depending on the difficulty of the shot, and if you manage to do a streak you get bonus. You have three chances to miss.

You "kick" by flicking up with your finger, which also controls the the strength and angle. Compensating for wind can be tricky.

It does get boring after a while though. Save it for short breaks.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Highway Rider (game, free)

Highway rider is one of those simple arcade games. You control this motorcycle rider, in a 3D world, through tilt. You accelerate by getting as close to a car or stationary object (stopped car, sign, etc.) on the road. The vehicles, of course, will change lanes, to make it difficult for you.

The idea is make as many "close calls" as possible... without hitting anything. The more close-calls you did, the faster you go, and the tighter the traffic.

If you hit, you'll crash, and you'll do a ragdoll roll down the road. You'll get a tally on how many bones you broke, and your projected hospital bill.

There's also a "fugitive mode" where you make some runs with police cars, and there are some barricades and roadblocks.

You can slightly customize the bike and rider colors, but nothing major.

It's kinda fun, but repetitive. Still, free. Counts for a lot.

Absolute RC Heli Sim (game, free)

Absolute RC Heli Sim is a free app that you can use to "test fly" several RC helis. Actually, in the free version you can only test one, the Blade, which is something very similar to the "toy" RC Heli you can buy in a mall for $25, but this one actually cost $125, and is MUCH BETTER (but similar sized).

This has multiple "fields" you can test fly on, and you can choose multiple view points. The NORMAL one is is the stationary one: you stand still and the chopper moves. It gets difficult as you lose track of the heli's orientation. You need a big screen.

On the other hand, the graphics are quite good, as they're based on 360 "skybox" of real places.

There are other fields and other choppers available, but those are extra cost.

The freebie is definitely worth a try.