Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(ROOT) Winner00's CM7 ROM, modified

This is only of interest if you flash Mod ROMs (and have rooted your device).

I have an OG Droid, so I am interesting in learning how to improve it. So when someone claim they have tweaked CM7 for even better performance, I am intrigued. It's on ROM Manager's download list.

Downloaded it, flashed it. As it's a derivative of CM7, decided NOT to wipe data and such.

Booted right up, seem to have no problems... Then realized my Google account is gone. There is NO account under Settings / Accounts and Sync.

So I hit "Add Account".

8 seconds later, the system rebooted. WTF?!

So I try again.

SAME RESULT. When I add account, the system reboots.

Okay, this is ridiculous. Going back to plain CM7.1RC1.

Go into app drawer and start up ROM Manager.


And since there is no Google account, I can't even go into Market and redownload ROM Manager!

Fortunately, there is Clockwork Recovery and Nandroid Backup. So I am now back in regular CM7.1RC1.

Not exactly a good experience setting up the stuff, eh?
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