Thursday, August 11, 2011

AAQR: Gem Miner Dig Deeper (game)

Does not work on my OG Droid. Can choose difficulty level, but the playing field never appeared.

AAQR: A Game With Balls / AGWB (game, duh)

Does not seem to work on my OG Droid. Game just quits after going through the title screen.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AAQR: Refraction (free, $1.99) game / puzzle

Refraction is a cute puzzle game that ultimately left me more frustrated than puzzled.

The premise is great: a light / color based puzzle. You need to use a few parts, like mirrors and prisms to get a proper colored light beam from "source" to "destination". There could be more than one of either.

The problem is with the arbitrariness of the puzzle pieces.

You see, with a mirror, the output is obvious. Rotate the mirror to move the beam... somewhat. Else, move the mirror.

With the prism, it ain't so simple. A prism divides a secondary color light back into two components, or it split a single primary color light beam into two. Or if you shine two beams into it you get a combo. In other words, it will "bend" the light. However, the path is completely arbitratry: one goes 45 degrees, while the other output is actually rotatable (huh?!) to a degree. Now does that make any sense?

And I admit, I'm not the brightest guy, but I'm stuck on level 4 (out of 120, really). You get two light beams... yellow, and blue. You need to make TWO green beams... using just 5 prisms. Bending one beam and split off some branches, okay. No problem there. recombining them? NOT so easy. Argh!

Still, it's worth a look. It is unique in a sea of Bejeweled clones and derivatives.

NOTE: The lite version has 20 levels, while the full version has 120 levels (which are NOT the same as the 20 in the lite version)

EDIT: Apparently on the prism you CAN move BOTH beams by tapping the prism itself and it toggles between the exit beams in splitter mode. (This game needs a TUTORIAL!)

Refractions Lite

Refractions Full
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AAQR: Spectrum Puzzles (free, $1.49)

Spectrum Puzzles is a puzzle where you try to reassemble a picture cut into pieces. The difficulty is that the pieces could have been rotated. You get 4 different sizes for the pieces (simple 3x3, more complicated 4x5, or you can go for crazy 20x20) as well as 3 levels of difficulty, as it depends on the amount of hints you get. If you need help knowing which way to rotate the piece, you can turn on piece hint (if it's the wrong side up, the border stays red). There's over a dozen puzzles for you to try, with different sizes and difficulty levels.

Not bad, but ain't that good either. Worth a try, at least? Chugs a little upon startup.

Free version

Full version
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AAQR: Wiz Kids Jr. (free, $0.99) (Game / Puzzle)

Wiz Kid Jr. is basically another variation on "link the tiles". The grid is square this time, and you need to get rid of as many linked tiles of same color as possible, minimum of 3 at a time. What's special? Some of those tiles at later level becomes "monsters" that will eat your mana. When they ate all your mana, game over! You get some special spells to beat back the monsters though... hammer breaks them one at a time, while later spells take them out in an area, and more.

It's basically a color / tile matching game, with a semi-coherent back story, but game wise it ain't that different.

Worth a try, I guess.

Wiz Kid Jr. Free Trial

Wiz Kid Jr Full  $0.99
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