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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AAQR: Spectrum Puzzles (free, $1.49)

Spectrum Puzzles is a puzzle where you try to reassemble a picture cut into pieces. The difficulty is that the pieces could have been rotated. You get 4 different sizes for the pieces (simple 3x3, more complicated 4x5, or you can go for crazy 20x20) as well as 3 levels of difficulty, as it depends on the amount of hints you get. If you need help knowing which way to rotate the piece, you can turn on piece hint (if it's the wrong side up, the border stays red). There's over a dozen puzzles for you to try, with different sizes and difficulty levels.

Not bad, but ain't that good either. Worth a try, at least? Chugs a little upon startup.

Free version

Full version
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