Saturday, March 26, 2011

AAQR: Angry Birds RIO the game

Everybody knows Angry Birds, the game where the birds are attacking the pigs who stole the eggs. Now there's a new chapter in Angry Birds saga. In a tie-in with the new Disney movie Rio, Angry Birds is having a great adventure to Rio de Janairo! Kidnapped by bird-nappers, the Angry Birds are escaping, rescuing fellow birds, and busting evil along the way!

The mechanics are the same, but the graphics are even BETTER! The parallax scrolling is cleaner and more detailed than ever. Instead of busting pigs, you need to hit cages which when broken will release the captive birds. Otherwise, same game.

It was free for a little while on Amazon's new App Store, and it's DEFINITELY worth a download.

Rovio Official News

Rating: Get it!

WARNING: The app only seem to be available on the Amazon App Store

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AAQR: Spaghetti and Marshmellows Lite

Spaghetti and Marshemallow is a "construction kit" type game where your objective is to build up the flimsy structure so you can keep a marshmallow INSIDE the specified circle. It reminds me of a Japanese Flash-based game where the objective is to keep ONE node above the line even as the structure collapses.

The main problem with the game that I have is it's VERY difficult to undo moves or the edit the existing marshmallows. This reminds me a bit of Tiki Towers, but that game has a lot of attitude. This game, on the other hand, lacks all that.

All I can say is "try it", you may like it.

Rating: Try it (but it's not for me)
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Friday, March 25, 2011

AAQR: Quota (beta) the quota tracker app

Quota is designed by Australian for Australians, though if someone else wants to figure out how to add other quotas to the app via the published API it shouldn't be hard.

As is, it is only of use by Aussies, and they seem to love it there. I'd wait for a bit more love for the rest of the world.

Rating: Skip it if you're NOT in Australia, else, try it.
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AAQR: Yahoo! Answers the Android app

The Yahoo! Answers green smiley.Image via WikipediaYahoo! Answers the Android app turns out to be rather disappointing, as it's basically a front for the actual website, with minimal interface changes. Let lets you keep up with Y!A on the go, but it doesn't give any special mobile experience, like attach pictures or any other mobile stuff.

If you are a Y!A diehard (I admit I was, as I have almost 150000 points) you may want to give it a try. Else... Skip it.

Rating: Skip it
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

AAQR: Fireworks Free Live Wallpaper (U)

Fireworks free is one of several "fireworks" live wallpaper. It's not that bad looking, but it doesn't have that many options to play with.

Rating: Try it

AAQR: Fwix, the local happenings app

Image representing Fwix as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBaseFwix is supposed to make finding local events easier, and it somewhat succeeds... if you are IN California, specifically, San Francisco Bay Area. From the comments, it's not for east coast or out of the US (just yet).

The problem is the filter is just... odd. It's showing me ALL events, news, and so on with a certain radius. It really needs some intelligence that lets me thumb up or down certain events so it can LEARN my preferences instead of just showing everything. That just don't work.

Give it a try, it's free.

Rating: Try it
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AAQR: Gravitron Lite Live Wallpaper (U)

Gravitron use simple polygons, different sizes, and such to give you impression of 3D layers. The lite version comes with a couple "presets" (i.e. themes) and the full version has many more.

It's hard to explain, so definitely give it a try. In fact, get it.

Rating: Get it!

AAQR: Dancer Live Wallpaper (U)

Imagine a silhoutte of a pair of dancers in the moonlight... and that's it.

Kinda charming for Valentine's Day, without the schmoozy red color. However, it gets repetitive.

Rating: skip it

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Android Web Browser Review Updated Again

Added Boat Browser, and updated Opera Mobile to 11 and Firefox Mobile (i.e. Fennec) to 4RC.

AAQR: ActionFocus, the to do task manager

ActionFocus is a todo app that implements a timer that helps you use the time management methodology known as "Auto Focus". (Which recently was revised into SuperFocus)

I won't describe the system to you. The idea basically is you feed all your to-do lists / tasks to the app, one at a time. Then you scan through the list, either do, or skip. When you decide to do the item, hit "play / start". If it's not finished, hit pause, then go onto next item. So on and so forth. The app looks plain, but then so is the system, and they do work pretty well.

Rating: Try it
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AAQR: Particle Storm LWP (U)

Particle Storm is a lot like Coligma or the other similar "particle spewing". The particles are smaller, but looks good.

Rating: Try it

AAQR: Water Wave Live Wallpaper (U)

Water Wave just have an abstract "water" that sloshes back and forth a bit in your phone's background. It's quite smooth, but seem to tap the CPU a bit hard for that simple thing it does.

Rating: Try it

Monday, March 21, 2011

AAQR: Routinely, a new "to-do" reminder app

There are bazillion different to-do list apps out there. There's Astrid, Remember the Milk, GTasks, and much much more. Routinely adds a new wrinkle. As the name says, it deals with "routines", or repeating tasks. 

The idea basically is you give it all your repeating tasks, like "brush teeth", "pick up kids", "exercise 30 minutes", etc. Then it will remind you daily as you need them. You can set notification for each, and it will pop up a notification when you need them. Think of it as an unlimited events "alarm clock". 

It doesn't do weekly or monthly routines as those are more suitable for calendars. This app is for the stuff that repeats every day that would be cluttering up a calendar if you put them in. 

It is simple, but I'd really wish for weekly and monthly repeats, instead of just daily repeats, but as is, free, it is quite usable. You still need a Task app (or access Google Tasks) for regular to do list, but this will do. 

Rating: Try it

AAQR: Stickman Free Live Wallpaper (U)

Stickman (Free trial) is a simple premise, which you may have seen before. A stickman (simple drawing) emerges onto the screen and do various things, like jumping jacks, sit-ups, and more. It is rather amusing. The "full" version has more animations.

The problem here is the animations are limited and repeats a bit. It also gets old rather quickly.

Rating: Try it
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

AAQR: Star Free / Live Wallpaper Star (U)

Star Free basically is a series of dots that move in certain patterns, a little bit like Spiralgraphs, except there's no line, just dots. It's okay, nothing too special, but it is compact and small.

Rating: Try it

AAQR: Palace Lantern 3D Cylinder Live Wallpaper (U)

Palace Lantern 3D Cylinder LWP is a basically pictures of some Chinese style "palace lanterns" wrapped around a 3D cylinder, and can be moved / rotated on screen in 3 dimensions. And really, that's it. Looks pretty boring, and you need to download the "picture sets" separately. Eeek.

Rating: Skip it