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Saturday, March 26, 2011

AAQR: Angry Birds RIO the game

Everybody knows Angry Birds, the game where the birds are attacking the pigs who stole the eggs. Now there's a new chapter in Angry Birds saga. In a tie-in with the new Disney movie Rio, Angry Birds is having a great adventure to Rio de Janairo! Kidnapped by bird-nappers, the Angry Birds are escaping, rescuing fellow birds, and busting evil along the way!

The mechanics are the same, but the graphics are even BETTER! The parallax scrolling is cleaner and more detailed than ever. Instead of busting pigs, you need to hit cages which when broken will release the captive birds. Otherwise, same game.

It was free for a little while on Amazon's new App Store, and it's DEFINITELY worth a download.

Rovio Official News

Rating: Get it!

WARNING: The app only seem to be available on the Amazon App Store

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