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Monday, March 21, 2011

AAQR: Routinely, a new "to-do" reminder app

There are bazillion different to-do list apps out there. There's Astrid, Remember the Milk, GTasks, and much much more. Routinely adds a new wrinkle. As the name says, it deals with "routines", or repeating tasks. 

The idea basically is you give it all your repeating tasks, like "brush teeth", "pick up kids", "exercise 30 minutes", etc. Then it will remind you daily as you need them. You can set notification for each, and it will pop up a notification when you need them. Think of it as an unlimited events "alarm clock". 

It doesn't do weekly or monthly routines as those are more suitable for calendars. This app is for the stuff that repeats every day that would be cluttering up a calendar if you put them in. 

It is simple, but I'd really wish for weekly and monthly repeats, instead of just daily repeats, but as is, free, it is quite usable. You still need a Task app (or access Google Tasks) for regular to do list, but this will do. 

Rating: Try it

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