Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lifehacker Picks NewsRob as best NewsReader for Android

Technically those are RSS Feed Readers, but who's nitpicking? :-D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AAQR: Texty (app, SMS)

Texty is a beta app that allows you to send SMS from your computer by routing it through your phone as if you are remote-controlling it. The phone will need to be online of course, WiFi or 3G, and you need to have the proper plug-in installed (Chrome plug-in available).

It works, but PDA*Net, the free version, will do this with a USB cord. If you are near a computer, you are near power. Why is your smartphone NOT attached to the PC for power? Hmmm...

Still, it is worth a try if you can get into the beta.
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AAQR: Battery Wallpaper Free (LWP)

BatteryImage via WikipediaBattery Wallpaper is very simple: puts a battery gauge right on the wallpaper.

You can pick a couple different backgrounds, which does not change, and the "percentage" don't have much (okay, don't have ANY) options. Upon test, half of the number is covered by the dock. While it's usable, it really needs more options... which may or may not be in the paid version.
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AAQR: Eastern Glow LWP

Eastern Glow LWP is basically fireflies in front of a house, and that's about it.

Rating: Skip it
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AAQR: Hero and Zombie (free) LWP

Hero and Zombie (free) (i.e. lite) have the "hero" character (complete with a hit points bar) fight a bunch of zombies in either hand to hand or with a gun. Clearly the hero will die, but it's fun watching them fight a bit.

In a way, this is a lot like Doom LWP, where you watch the Doom marine fight the minions of Hell.

Try it. :)
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AAQR: Scorpio LWP

Remember all those live wallpapers featuring all sorts creepy crawlies on your desktop? Add another one: Scorpions. This one has two very realistic backgrounds and very realistic scorpions.

If you like this sort of LWPs, definitely give this a try.
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AAQR: Google I/O 2011 LWP (free)

Same as the other LWP starring Andy the Android flying through space called "Jumpgate", this one is customized a bit with "Google I/O 2011".

Definitely worth a try.
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