Saturday, June 18, 2011

AAQR: Angel Browser (free)

Angel Browser
Screenshot via Appbrain
Angel Browser is the successor to a Japanese Android browser called Galapagos, and it's very impressive for what it can accomplish with the regular Webkit engine, and under 1 MB in APK size.

The menu items are mostly hidden and revealed when you tap the menu button, and ALL of the major features like switch user-agent, bookmarks, zoom, speed-dial, tab browsing, and more are all here. The menu buttons are also configurable (pick the functions you want shown).

The more I use this browser the more I like it. I'm not quite sure I want to switch just yet, but it's a very viable alternative to the major choices.

NOTE: this menu is in Japanese, but the version you download is in English, really.

Rating: try it!

AAQR: SwiftKey X Beta

Swiftkey X beta is the next version of SwiftKey, with one of the best word correction and prediction engines on the market of Android. This version is even better. It has cloud-based help in the prediction, plus better installer and a few other tricks.

I've tried it, and it works pretty well. I own the original SwiftKey and I love it. You should try this.

Rating: Try it!
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AAQR: Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is the new version of "air table hockey" with a neon glow style art. The action is simple... each side has one paddle, the "ball" is bounced back and forth, back and forth, until one side gets a goal into the other side.

Visuals are quite good, and you can choose different paddles and balls in the pro version. Fast fun. You can also play 2 players on same device. You can do quick games, or try the "tournament" mode where you make it as far as possible.

Rating: Try it!
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Friday, June 17, 2011

AAQR: Smart Rotator

Smart Rotator is an app that will let you force a certain app to only work in a certain orientation. For example, let's say you only want your browser to EVER run in landscape mode, and NEVER in portrait mode (i.e. no auto-rotate). This app can help you set it.

As it's free, try it!

AAQR: Call Confirm

The original "call confirm" app, this makes you confirm you want to make a call when you dial a number or press a contact.

it is simple, and effective. No more accidental calls!

There has been several subsequent similar apps, but this is the original, and it works.

Rating: get it!

AAQR: UC Browser

UC Browser is supposed to be Chinese Android Web Browser that have a lot of built-in links to websites. It supposedly has been vastly improved. Unfortunately, when I tried it, it just crashed as soon as I choose any link. I have an OG Droid running CM7. No particular reason why it would crash.

No rating.
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AAQR: My Paper Plane 2 (paid / free)

My Paper Airplane 2 is a tilt-controlled action puzzle game where you control a paper airplane with almost infinite flight time. Your objective is to hit as many stars as possible without crashing into anything (and thus, stop). You now have to maneuver in 3D (well, technically 2d as your forward velocity is constant) but there is a lot of fun. There are success levels in 5 different maps, and you need to do well in easy levels to unlock the hard levels. Adjust the sensitivity to help you control the plane. This requires both precision and speed.

Graphics is relatively simple 3D, but it gets the job done, as you have to fly past trees, houses, through rings, under gates, and more.

Definitely try the "demo/lite" version which has ONE level and the tutorial. (paid) (free)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AAQR: Office Jerk (game)

Office Jerk is basically Paper Toss, with a bit more violence and more variety of products.

The basic idea is simple: you have a variety of items to throw at this guy sitting at the desk... from eggs to pies to staplers to... firecrackers. The idea is to hit the poor sap with as many shots in a row as possible, with variable wind affecting your trajectory.

Is it fun? For a short while. It's a stress reliever.

Rating: Try it


AAQR: Grow the game

Grow is basically Hungry Shark, albeit without the blood. I have a little problem with the control scheme, but you can change that in the game. It's a fun little game if you want a kid-friendly version of Hungry Shark.

The premise is simple: you're ONE fish in the environment (jar, aquarium, etc.) and you need to eat other fish (and avoid the bad fish), and collect coins (from eating fish) while you can. You can choose from several control schemes, like "swim to this spot" (touch the screen) to traditional virtual control pad, to tilt controls, but the idea is the same: eat other fish as fast as you can, and collect coins as much as you can.

There are two "maps" each with many like 15 "levels" in the free version. The full version has more. Each level will be rated for amount of success (how many coins you got and how much time you took).

Lots of short fun, albeit a bit primitive.

Rating: Try it!

Monday, June 13, 2011

AAQR: Breakout Live Wallpaper

While it is related to the arcade game, it's not quite what you think. Think the screen divided into 16 boxes, each lined with pixel "bricks", and several 'balls' are bouncing inside the box, trying to break out. Yep, that's "breakout".

It's kinda cute, but it ain't quite right.

Rating: meh, skip it.

AAQR: Random Majhong

Random Mahjong is a very well done version of mahjong solitaire, commonly known as "Shanghai" from the Activision version of the game. It runs fine on phones, and looks even better on tablets.

Mahjong solitaire is basically tile matching with the mahjong pieces. Random Mahjong have both long games and quick games, with varying levels of difficulty (number of pieces), varying arrangements / formations, and such. The animations are very smooth, and the table "zooms in" as you remove the pieces around the edges. Very nice!

Try the free version, pay for the pro version if you really like it.
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AAQR: Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio tunes into the various police radio frequencies. As such data is public, it is legally allowed to rebroadcast such information on the Internet... and for people to listen to them. (UNLESS you are a criminal, really) The app allows you to tune in, through the Internet, police radio around the world, esp. those close to you. Most of it is pretty boring, like checking drivers license, or one guy going off duty or moving to another spot.

Interesting, but please delete it if you are a criminal. If you get caught with that in your phone, you can get an extra misdemeanor tacked on to your rap sheet.

Rating: try it
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AAQR: MXHome Launcher

At over 7MB in size, MxHome is one of the largest home launchers ever (only LG Home beat it in terms of APK size). It also claims to be 3D and all that. However, in practice, this home launcher doesn't really have any outstanding feature. It is quite smooth, and it is theme compatible (of its own format). It has a sliding shelf (that can be opened from any home page) similar to Pandahome's "side drawers". However, all the items on the sliding shelf are pre-defined and un-customizable.

Overall, the home launcher is reminiscent vLauncher or similar iPhone launchers, having only 4 shortcuts at the bottom with big square icons. It doesn't feel that special, honest.  The themes are like 4+ MB each. Eeek.

Rating: try it, maybe?
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AAQR: Shining Live Wallpaper Free / Shining Christmas Free (LWP)

This is yet another app with two names... The install / catalog name is Shining Live Wallpaper Free, but when you install it, it is Shining Christmas Free.

The LWP doesn't look that bad. It's basically "virtual windchimes", with various Christmas themed items hanging and free to rotate (help them along by a touch or two).

However, the amount of permissions asked for by this LWP makes me nervous, as it reads identity, phone state, GPS, and more.

I'd say skip it for now.
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AAQR: Space Dream Lite LWP

It claim to be be "3D in space!" and all that. What it really is... multiple bitmaps slowly being zoomed and rotated. Sorry, but Maxelus's "Galaxy" series look a lot better, IMHO, of course.  (try Vortex Galaxy)

Rating: skip it
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AAQR: Snake Live Wallpaper

Not a real snake, but the snake PC game, where you try to control the snake head so you don't run into the walls of the field, or itself, while keep "eating" more dots. But the more you eat, the longer you grow... Imagine watching your Android play snake by itself

Sounds interesting, but turned out to be extremely boring. Meh.

Rating: skip it
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