Saturday, March 10, 2012

AAQR: Cubicle Golf

Cubicle Golf is a cute game where you try to "propel" the person in the chair into a cubicle without hitting things and in the minimum amount of "strokes". You can swap the person (woman, lightest, man, medium, and big man, heavy) to get shorter or longer distances in the stroke.

In the more advanced levels, the boss will be walking around and if you hit him it'd be a mulligan (i.e. stroke counts but you don't go anywhere).

Amusing little game.

AAQR: Two GPS utilities for your Android Phone/Device

Wondering if your device's GPS is working properly? Here are two utilities to confirm:

GPS Test

GPS Test is one of those utilities that shows you the details of your GPS, like which GPS satellites you are tracking, where in the sky are they, what sort of signal strength from each, as well as derived into like position, velocity, device orientation, and so on.

It has 5 different screens and while looks a little cartoonish, it's actually quite useful.

GPS Status

GPS Status is a more "utilitiarian" looking app that shows almost the same thing as GPS Test, albeit in less friendly terms. It gives the Lat/Long coordinates instead of a map. otherwise, it shows same info as the GPS Test, and in a more condensed manner (one-screen only).

Both are quite good, actually. if you want to know how your GPS works, check both out.

AAQR: Age of Zombies proper review

Age of Zombies does run on my new Droid Bionic, so here's a proper review

AoZ is a dual-stick shooter, where you play this parody of a macho guy who chases down this evil doc sending Zombies through time to take over the various ages, and while kill a ton of zombies using a variety of weapons.

There are a ton of weapons... pistol is your default and infinite ammo albeit slow firing. You can run into powerups such as machine gun, SMG, rocket, turret, grenades, shotgun, and so on. You can move in one direction and shoot in a different direction, required for your survival. Zombies spawn all over the place and they chase after you. Don't get overwhelmed. You get to fight a boss about every 3 levels who has a couple special attacks.

There's some cute cutscenes with even cheesier dialog, but then, you don't take games like this seriously, right? Graphics are downright primitive, almost 8-bit like which is part of the charm.

Give it a try, it's a pretty good frantic shooter.

AAQR: Bag-It! Physics based puzzler on a cute theme

Bag it! is a cute little puzzler that does something very simple: fit all the groceries into bags, without crushing them (you can guess which ones can be weighted down, and which ones can't)  As the game progress, new wrinkles are added, such as new items, new combos, more than one bag, time limit, required to fill bag up to a certain amount, and so on.

Definitely worth checking out, and there are a LOT of levels.