Saturday, March 5, 2011

AAQR: Into the Jungle LWP (U)

Into the Jungle LWP is a parallax scrolling LWP with several layers that gives the impression of depth.

Rating: try it
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AAQR Stock Ticker Lite LWP (U)

This live wallpaper uses your existing wallpaper, and overlays a stock ticker on top of it.

The problem is the lite versions only gives you DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P500. it won't let you add individual stocks. You also can't adjust the vertical offset of the ticker (i.e. where vertically you want it on the screen.

Rating: Skip it

AAQR: Psychedelic Fractals LWP (U)

Psychedelic Fractals LWP don't seem very fractal, but rather, look like randomly dropped circles in psychedelic palette

Rating: skip it

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AAQR: WP+Fractal Clock (U)

There was a SLEW of the "clock as live wallpaper" LWPs that appeared recently, seemingly inspired by WinPhone7. Here's another one called WP+Fractal Clock

The text part of the clock is simple text-style clock and calendar. The interesting part is the analog clock, which uses fractal technique to draw the hands so it looks more... tree-like. However, it's low-contrast and not very obvious.

Rating: Try it
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AAQR: Symphony of Colors LWP

Symphony of Colors is an odd one. It is derived from lines, but feels like a randomly moving "curtain" that actually somewhat reacts to your screen touches and drags. You can choose different palettes. It is simple, yet it looks surprisingly good.

Rating: Get it!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AAQR: Chaos Nebula LWP (U)

Chaos Nebula is basically a modified kaleidoscope. By using a fractal generator for each layer with different color palettes, the net result is definite chaos... and order at the same time.

Rating: Try it

AAQR: Ants Alive! LWP (U)

Fire antsImage via WikipediaWant ants crawling all over your desktop? This would be answer to your prayers. You can choose between brown, black, or red ants, and you can even smash them (or even have them leave blood trails ?!)

Somewhat amusing for a little while.

Rating: Try it
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WARNING: That App You Download From Pirate Site May Be Malware

Image representing Symantec as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBaseSymantec has identified a new Android OS malware app being spread by Chinese websites. It is a modified version of the "Steamy Window" app where you "wipe off" fake moisture from your screen. The modified version communicates with a server in China and turns your phone into part of a botnet!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

AAQR: Desktop Visualizer

Desktop Visualizer is an app that lets you replace your app icon with ANY picture or icon, in effect. (What it really does is it replaces the app icon with a "shortcut" with your picture, but close enough). This allow you to basically customize your desktop to almost any way you want.

Rating: Get it!

AAQR: Paper Toss

Paper TossImage via WikipediaPaper Toss is one of those games that are simple, but repetitive enough to keep playing.

The idea is simple: use the "flick" on screen to toss a wad of paper into a trash can. The catch is... there is a fan, and the trash can moves after each shot. How many hits can you make in a row?

Rating: Try it
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

AAQR: AppMonster (the app backup/restore app)

AppMonster has a simple function: it backs up all unprotected apps onto your SD card, so you can just call them back up if you need to restore an app. NOTE: This does NOT save the data. This is purely an app APK file backup.

Rating: Get it

AAQR: Wind Turbines LWP (U)

Silhouette of wind turbines across the land, spinning. Somewhat relaxing, but seem to chew up CPU pretty hard.

Rating: Try it.

AAQR: Fishbowl LWP (U)

Fishbowl LWP basically have 2 childishly drawn "fish" and some bubbles, moving a bit. It's just... doh.

You can choose different backgrounds, but the fish isn't that well animated. Honest. There are some subtle animations... that are so subtle, I missed them as I didn't see them right away. Few others would have noticed.

Rating: Skip it.