Friday, December 16, 2011

AAQR: 5 in 1 Corona Indie Bundle

This Indie bundle of 5 different Android games is on sale for mere $0.99 (it's worth quite a bit more)

AAQR: Shift Puzzle Game

Shift Puzzle is a platformer that is fundamentally different, in that it makes you do jumps, but also lets you "flip" perspectives. If you were black, you shift to white (and the map turns inside out, sort of), which may be the only way you can get to the "exit". The main problem I see is the "jump" is not a dedicated button, but instead relies on "multi-touch", in that if you hold down right, then tap left, you jump while going right. Thus, the control scheme is a bit... weird. But the idea of shifting perspective is a very good one.

AAQR: Badass Battery Monitor

Badass Battery Monitor has an unfortunately name, but it does track exactly how much power is each APP consuming, plus wakelock and other items. This information can be had in "Spare Parts +" and other places, but it's nice to see a single place with everything. And it's free!

AAQR: Diaro, the "diary" app

Diaro is a password protected journal/diary/notetaker that has a ton of predefined categories. Interface is pretty standard and works fine. All in all, it is useful if you do need to make semi-secret entries. There's categories like shopping list, todo list, birthdays, memos, thoughts, ideas, and so on. Not bad!

AAQR: Live Wallpaper Fireworks

Fireworks #1
Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)
This live wallpaper reacts to your touch, but as fireworks it doesn't look that good. It's just "scatter and fall", when fireworks should have all sorts of patterns. Meh.

Not really worth your download, IMHO.
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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dungeon Defender (Game)

This game requires 512MB of RAM to run (which would rule out my OG Droid)

and it crashes. :)

AAQR: Angry Shark 3 (game)

I an sorry to report that this game does not run on my OG Droid. (the original did). It got all the way to main menu, then when I hit play, it force closes.