Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AAQR: X-Plane 9 (flight sim)

X-Plane 9, one of the most impressive flight sims, is now FREE on Android (it used to cost $20!)

X-Plane is one of the sims where it actually calculate the aerodynamic forces of the air against the wings and such, so it is extremely realistic. The free version requires a huge download for the terrain data, but after you're done, and if you have a decent phone, you'll get a spectacular game where the terrain is so realistic you'll swear it's on a PC.

AAQR: Indestructible (game)

Another "freemium" game from GLU mobile, this game is full of microtransactions that entices you to buy new vehicle skins, new weapons, and so on and so forth. However, this GLU game offers full Internet multiplayer with built-in matchmaking, so that's pretty cool for a freemium game.

At its heart, Indestructible is a twin-stick shooter, where you move in one direction and shoot in another direction. It's basically a Mad Max type scenario where you drive this vehicle and shoot at any enemies. It's an Isometric view 3D and the vehicles are TINY on a phone, but you need it to see the field. There are at least three different arenas (and you *can* fall off the edge) there are also team play (unlocked later). You can play single player (basically survival against waves of drones) or play ranked matches against other players.