Thursday, February 9, 2012

AAQR: Square Wars

Square Wars is basically a variation of Connect 4  / Tic-Tac-Toe, but with a grid instead. The idea is to create as many 'squares' as possible

The grid has X squares and you need to place rods (and alternate with the AI player) on the grid trying to complete squares without giving them to the other guy.

AI can put up a good fight, as it knows the game better than you do.

Somewhat interesting, that's it.

AAQR: Kona's Crate

Kona's Crate is a simple to learn game that mixes a couple elements into a unique blend.

You control this "hover board" that is carrying a box. The idea is to land the box near the "chief". (upright is purely optional).

How do you control it? The board has two hover rockets: hit the left side to fire the left rocket, and the right for the right rocket. If you tilt the board a little you generate sideways velocity. Add to that some strange terrain, like "blocks" in mid-air that hits your board, levels that designed to have you go up and down and around.

There's also advanced mode where the box and the board can separate (not tied to each other) and thus some maneuvers can be done faster.

Still, it's a cute variation on puzzle themes

AAQR: Flick Kick Field Goal (game)

Flick Kick Field Goal is a pretty well done simple game, albeit a bit monotonous after a while.

The goal is simple: "kick" (by flicking the ball with your finger) an American football and get it to go through the upright goal posts to "score" 1 point.

What's the catch? You will be steadily moved further and further back, and there will be some wind present in later stages. You can make 25 yard field goals easy, but can you do it at 65 yards instead? With 6 knots of wind from the left?

Add to that different modes, "hot streak", scoring, openFEINT support, and you have a pretty simple but sweet game.

The graphics are quite good, and looks like the physics is right on (yes, your ball can bounce off the goal posts)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

AAQR: Dream Journal

At first, I thought this is a journal program.

So I was sorta surprised when I ran it... it is a journal program, but it is designed to record your dreams.

I guess if you review them you may find some patterns or images for interpretation... but not for me.

AAQR: Commando (or iCommando) shooting gallery

Commando is one of those games that tries, but ran into a few problems.

Commando, at its heart, is a shooting gallery. Shoot all the bad guys before they shoot you, by looking through a sniper scope. Can't fail, right? Simple app.

Unfortunately, this particular app has a problem: the cross-hair in the sniper-scope is not aligned with where the bullet actually hits. In order words, if you aim properly, you will ALWAYS miss the target. At least this is my experience on my Droid Bionic, and from reading the comments, I'm not the only one with this problem.

Graphics are not too bad, and the base game is free, but if you can't hit what you aim, then what good is teh game?

You may have better luck, of course. Maybe it's only a problem on the DB.

AAQR: Blue (stock / commodity grapher/tracker)

Blue is a pretty darn impressive program that gives you tracking of stocks around the world as well as commodity prices. The app is free. If you want a live data feed (or slightly delayed) you pay for that.

The app is quite powerful, as it has all sorts of filters, time periods, graph types, reports, and so on. And it does a lot more than stocks.

If you dabble in the financial market, give this a try.

AAQR: TeslaLED flashlight

TeslaLED is a "flashlight" app that turns on the LED next to your camera to act as a flashlight (it's quite bright). It can also turn on your screen to do the same, do morse code, strobe, timer, and even police lights.

Unfortunately, it can't turn on the Camera "flash" LED on my Droid Bionic. So its use is limited, at least to me You may have better luck.

AAQR: Notification Toggle

For those of you who used the Cyanogen 7 ROM, one of the features is a series of toggles that you can slide down from the notification bar that has 7 different things you can toggle, much like the PowerToys widget, but accessible at ANY time. It's very useful. Unfortunately, it's unique to CM7 as it's a part of the notification dropdown.

Now, Notification Toggle promise to bring that to a regular phone.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work on my Droid Bionic, and the author wrote that very few phones can support direct toggle out of the box. Instead, a pop-up box is presented to do the toggle.

Still, it's free, so don't complain too much.
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