Friday, August 26, 2011

AAQR: Safari Sunset Free Live Wallpaper

Safari Sunset (Free) looks pretty for a "safari" sunset scene. However, it takes 8 MB of download to do it, and it asks you to allow it receive SMS?!?!?! permissions... and 12 MB of RAM.

Not sure if that is worth it.

AAQR: Underwater Ripples (Live Wallpaper) free

Another OwnSkin creation, this LWP makes no sense at all. You appear to be underwater, then you see all these "ripples" randomly appear. How can you have "ripples" underwater?

Somewhat amusing for a little while.

AAQR: Google Android Flag 3D Live Wallpaper (free)

Andy the Android flying a "Google Flag" which is "waving" in the "wind" in 3D.

Animation is pretty well done, but it's taking up 13 MB in memory, AND it lags my phone.

AAQR: Beauty Camera (camera / retouch) free

Beauty Camera is supposed to let you "touch up" a photo, adjust tone / brightness and stuff.

Unfortunately it doesn't work on my OG Droid. It won't load the pix, index the pix on the camera, or even load a pix from Gallery, much less take a camera pix directly. Either it just crash and restarts, or it just crashes, period. Even a recent update didn't help.

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