Sunday, September 18, 2011

AAQR: I Must Run! (game)

This was another Amazon giveaway

Basically, this is one of those "timing" games where you need to tap the controls in sequence to jump in time, or slide in time, and "punch" in time. The problem is you need a VERY hefty phone for the extremely tight timing to work, or else, you will never get very far in this game.

A VERY simple twitch game, not much to it.

AAQR: Word Mix (game)

This game was another giveaway on Amazon.

Basically, it's the game where you are given X letters and you need to find as many words as possible given those letters. It's about as basic as they come. In fact, it will tell you how many words to expect if you hit the HINT button.

Nothing else to this game except OpenFEINT support.

AAQR: Greedy Spiders (game)

This game was given away on 18-SEP-2011. Unfortunately it doesn't work on my OG Droid. After the cutscene, as the game loads, it just force closes.