Friday, August 19, 2011

AAQR: Flick Kick Football (game)

Does NOT work on my OG Droid. I just get crash to desktop. YMMV.

AAQR: Everlands (Hex Strategy Game)

Everlands is a hex-based chess-like strategy game featuring a wide variety of units. The idea is to convert enemy pieces (by attacks) while prevent your pieces from being converted, so when the board is fully occupied you have more pieces than the enemy side on the board. It is like Othello, but combined with chess and special attacks and abilities.

There's a cute story about how some sort of substance have caused animals to go bonkers, and as one of the few unaffected animals, you have to beat the berserk animals to convert them back (by winning battles) and eventually get to the source of the problem.

Each animal has an attack rating and life rating. They can only attack or defend in SOME directions (not all six at once). So facing is VERY important. Most units also have a special activity. Kiwi bird can lay an egg (to take up a different spot on the map), when it is placed (so it takes up 2 spots, instead of one), while raccoon can 'steal' eggs (convert the egg to your side), for excample. With over a dozen animals, and you take turns to put units on the map, this game is a lot deeper than it first appears.

(NOTE: Giveaway on Amazon appstore for a day)

Try it!
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AAQR: Overkill (2-D Sidescroller / Shooter)

Remember R-Type, a shooter that basically have you shoot everything coming from the right side of the screen? Overkill is like that.

You can get weapon upgrades between levels, and with 3 different weapons (guns, missiles, special) there is a bit of RPG involved.

By using tilt controls motion is very smooth. Worth trying.

NOTE: NOT related to the vertical 2D shooter from Epic Megagames.
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AAQR: Trip Journal (GPS app)

Does not work. Don't even see the main menu.

AAQR: Dragon, Fly! (game)

"Dragon, Fly!" is a cute little super-simple game that has a bit of physics simulation, and is a relative to the helicopter game where you try to navigate a cave by 'touch to go up, release to go down'. In this game, you're a baby dragon who want to fly, but can only "hop" for now. Slide down a hill and use the momentum to fly up a little. The idea is to outrun your momma as much as possible! Whimsical cute little game.

Rating: Try it
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