Saturday, February 5, 2011

AAQR / Game: Tiki Golf 3D Free

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via WikipediaThe Freebie version of Tiki Golf is fully 3D, but the physics and bugs leaves something to be desired.

If you've played mini-golf, you know this game. Basically you put the golf ball around this mini-golf course with its share of special traps and such. As this is supposed to be "Tiki", there's a bit of Hawaiian island theme to it. Even your avatar is "Tiki Bobby". Apparently you have been challenged to a mini-Golf to win your goodies back... Argh.

The game looks impressive, but distance (and thus how hard to put) is incredibly hard to judge.

Furthermore, the traps don't always work properly. There were a few levels where there's a sideways swinging hammer. The idea is they'll kick the ball out of the field, right? It did not. The ball ended up sitting right under the hammer, making it impossible to take the next shot.

Furthermore, the way the swing is handled, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to time the swing as you have to wait for the meter to charge, then hit the button again to hit. Timing that against the hazards... eeek. 

In another case, the ball was kicked out of the field. instead of a stroke penalty, I ended up hitting a ball from middle of NOWHERE, floating in MID-AIR. I had to restart.

Controls are horrible and unplayable (and believe me, I've played plenty of minigolf mobile games) and bugs would prevent me from coming back for more.
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AAQR / Game: Mousetrap

Computer mouse caught in a mouse trapImage via WikipediaMousetrap is a variation of those "sliding blocks" games where you can only slide a block vertically or horizontally, and you need to get an item from the left of the screen to the right. Usual theme is cars in traffic jam. This one is a bit cuter... you're trying to get a mouse out.

This one records your moves and sometimes have bonus coins hidden under the pieces, which you can use to get some bonus items (of what? I have no idea).

It's a good distraction if you need a short puzzle to spend a bit of brain juice on.

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Blogger Official Client is now in Android Market

Android MarketImage via WikipediaFor those of you using Blogger, the official Blogger client is now available on Android Market.

I've used it and it's not bad. It feels better than other Blog clients like BlogAway, but it lacks a "dark" theme.

Give it a try. I'll have a Blogging Client review roundup soon.

NOTE: Link may not work as Android Market is having an SSL problem. Use Chrome if you got it.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

AAQR: X Construction Lite

The view of Brooklyn Bridge from ManhattanImage via WikipediaX Construction is basically "Bridge Builder" for Android: you need to build a bridge across this canyon with the parts given and make sure this train can cross it safely.

If you like the genre this one is worth trying. There are a few tricks, but overall the free version gives an accurate taste of that the full game is like.

What this needs is some sort of online high-score board and scoring methods. There should be a scoreboard for safe-crossing (no parts failed) and safe-crossing (one-time only, some parts failed).

Still, worth a try.
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Keyboard Roundup for Android Updated to 30 Different Keyboard Reviewed

Google AndroidImage by Scarygami via FlickrProbably the best soft keyboard comparison available for Android on the Internet anywhere! Covers 30 different FREE soft keyboards in FIVE different types:
  • Improved Conventional
  • Alternate Layout
  • Tap-Slider
  • Swiper, like Swype
  • Other, like Graffiti, 8Pen, and such
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AAQR: Tap Tap Butterfly Keyboard

A landscape only keyboard, the butterfly layout keyboard has qABC layout that claims to be faster and easier to learn.

Download Tap Tap Butterfly keyboard from appbrain

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

AAQR: ABC Keyboard

ABC Keyboard  is a keyboard in which keys are placed from A, B, C, and so on. No QWERTY and no DVORAK here. Clearly this is not for the people who are familiar with keyboards.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AAQR: Samba Filesharing for Android

Samba Filesharing for Android is Samba made easy. Basically, it makes your Android device a file server on a Windows network. Other computers can see it by mapping a drive to it or browse through the network browser. And can then read/write from it.

I ran a test and it was easily able to log into a WiFi network at my work location and I was able to copy files to my Android through WiFi and get files at about 1 MB/sec

However, at home location I can get the both log into the same WiFi but I can't get my laptop to see the Samba device. There may be some problem with my router config though, or my network mapping setup.

Still it is worth trying out. Other file managers are releasing Samba plug-ins, which would make the filesharing even easier.
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AAQR: W10 Keyboard (Trial)

Double U 10 Keyboard is a weird duck... There are only 10 keys, so how do you make the rest of the letters? Make combinations. d is made from c and l, m is made from 2 n's, and so on.

A weird duck indeed, but may make more sense than a plain T9 keyboard. Worth a try, at least.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

28 keyboard now in Free Android Keyboard Reviews

Added Hexboard, the Hexagonal Keys Keyboard

Added another AVI Player to Roundup, now 8

BaoFeng Player, a Chinese app, is the 8th AVI player to be tested. It's in Chinese, and it has a horrible file browser, but it does do what it claims to do (except play WMV or some FLVs)

AAQR: Dictanote

A digital sound recorderImage via WikipediaDictanote is a very stylish program that does something very simple: make reminders, either in text or in a short audio recording. Once you set it, you can make reminders out of them, or share them. It even has widgets.

One day I'll make a full comparison of all the different "recorder apps", but for now, this one is pretty good. Call it 8 out of 10.
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Home Replacement Reviews Updated to 37 different apps compared

Added Ks Launcher, an interesting new approach to app launching. It's all lists and filters.

Two Utilities from NetQin

NetQin has two free utilities for Android: Anti-Virus free, and Android Booster. Here are quick reviews.

Anti-Virus -- app claims to be total network security, including virus definitions periodically downloaded, as well as some "cloud component" that wasn't defined clearly.

It also backs up your contacts online (registration required) and claims to map your phone on Google maps if you register for tracking. Claims to also do remote-wipe, but this was not tested. Apparently this app leaves GPS on so drains battery.

No comment on this app.

Another app from NetQin is Android Booster. Upon closer look, this is a disguised "task killer" that also claims to save you battery life, by doing the obvious "turn off everything".

I wouldn't bother with this one.

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