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Thursday, February 3, 2011

AAQR: X Construction Lite

The view of Brooklyn Bridge from ManhattanImage via WikipediaX Construction is basically "Bridge Builder" for Android: you need to build a bridge across this canyon with the parts given and make sure this train can cross it safely.

If you like the genre this one is worth trying. There are a few tricks, but overall the free version gives an accurate taste of that the full game is like.

What this needs is some sort of online high-score board and scoring methods. There should be a scoreboard for safe-crossing (no parts failed) and safe-crossing (one-time only, some parts failed).

Still, worth a try.
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  1. Works amazingly good on my x8 2.1 rooted!! Amazing graphics and gameplay but needs new maps were getting bored of the tracks now :-) top game tho2buy!

  2. I would certainly commit 10 on 10 for such incredible cognition.
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