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Saturday, February 5, 2011

AAQR / Game: Tiki Golf 3D Free

A golf ball directly before the holeImage via WikipediaThe Freebie version of Tiki Golf is fully 3D, but the physics and bugs leaves something to be desired.

If you've played mini-golf, you know this game. Basically you put the golf ball around this mini-golf course with its share of special traps and such. As this is supposed to be "Tiki", there's a bit of Hawaiian island theme to it. Even your avatar is "Tiki Bobby". Apparently you have been challenged to a mini-Golf to win your goodies back... Argh.

The game looks impressive, but distance (and thus how hard to put) is incredibly hard to judge.

Furthermore, the traps don't always work properly. There were a few levels where there's a sideways swinging hammer. The idea is they'll kick the ball out of the field, right? It did not. The ball ended up sitting right under the hammer, making it impossible to take the next shot.

Furthermore, the way the swing is handled, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to time the swing as you have to wait for the meter to charge, then hit the button again to hit. Timing that against the hazards... eeek. 

In another case, the ball was kicked out of the field. instead of a stroke penalty, I ended up hitting a ball from middle of NOWHERE, floating in MID-AIR. I had to restart.

Controls are horrible and unplayable (and believe me, I've played plenty of minigolf mobile games) and bugs would prevent me from coming back for more.
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