Friday, June 22, 2012

AAQR: Rocket Weasel (game, puzzle)

Rocket Weasel is another action puzzle in the style of Angry Birds: a physics based puzzle.

The premise is the Rocket Weasel needs to rescue his students from the farmer by crashing each of the cages through whatever methods available, either by hitting the cage himself or by using one of the various "features" in the field, from other creatures to mechanisms, and so on.

You can "launch" him similar to a catapult, but the actual mechanism is NOT impact based like Angry Birds, but is more akin to "The Incredible Machine" type puzzles.

Worth a try at least!

AAQR: Snuggle Truck (game)

Also known as Smuggle Truck, the idea of the game is simple: transport the animals to the destination.

There's a catch: the terrain is horrible, and the animals are NOT tied down. If you hit a hill too hard, some or all the animals will fly out. Yet if you don't use some speed, you won't get past some sections. So, do you got for speed and casualties, slow and max survivors, or something in between?

This has full impact physics, and proper sound effects, so you can do a lot of things, like bounce the passengers out then catch them back.

What's more, there's an editor, and there are supposedly 20000 community-created levels if you got tired of the existing ones.

If you like the genre, this one is worth a try.

AAQR: Temple Run (game)

Temple Run is a very simple game that relies on timing, but it is quite addictive.

The premise is simple: you're an Indiana Jones (tm) type character who just got out of a temple (after getting some goodies) and being chased by... well, doesn't matter! The idea is keep running!

So you basically have a couple commands: swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck, swipe left to turn / go left, and swipe right to turn / go right. Hit the commands at the right time and you'll keep running. Hit it wrong and you are caught!

It really is that simple.

There's bonus goodies, like special coins (which unlocks more characters), global leaderboards, and more.

Worth a try at least!