Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AAQR: Chicken Coup Remix HD (game)

This was an Amazon App Store Giveaway

Unfortunately, this game doesn't work on my OG Droid.

AAQR: Icecube Cavemen (game)

Icecube Caveman is a game where you roll this 2x1x1 block around the field, trying to get to the destination by rolling this way and that. At the destination, the block needs to be vertical.

There have been many games on the market that has this mechanic so this was nothing new. While the theme was kinda cute, it's not that original. Still, if you like puzzles, this ain't that bad.

AAQR: Worduku (game)

This was an Amazon Appstore Giveaway

Worduku is inspired by the Japanese math puzzle Soduku. In this game, you're trying to fit a word into the grid. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to fit that well. The math part is intuitive, but not the 9 letter part. I give them credit for trying though. If you REALLY love word puzzles, give the demo a try.

AAQR: Helium Boy (game)

This was an Amazon App Store Giveaway

Helium Boy is a whimsical 3D platformer where the objective is to move about the "board" with the help of your helium balloons. if you "jerk" the balloons you go up and if you don't do anything you fall (gently), and you can gently glide left right, forward back a bit. The idea is to grab all the goodies while avoiding the nasties.

Controls are a little iffy, as it takes a bit of time to learn how far you glide, and there are nasties, and you CAN fall into bad places. Still, it is unique and interesting take on the platform game genre.

AAQR: Quizr Pro (trivia game)

This was an Amazon App Store Giveaway

Tried Quizr, one of those trivia test apps where you get questions off the Internet and thus almost never the same questions twice. UI is pretty good, and performance is respectable. However, you need to register, and that's kinda pain.