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Thursday, February 9, 2012

AAQR: Kona's Crate

Kona's Crate is a simple to learn game that mixes a couple elements into a unique blend.

You control this "hover board" that is carrying a box. The idea is to land the box near the "chief". (upright is purely optional).

How do you control it? The board has two hover rockets: hit the left side to fire the left rocket, and the right for the right rocket. If you tilt the board a little you generate sideways velocity. Add to that some strange terrain, like "blocks" in mid-air that hits your board, levels that designed to have you go up and down and around.

There's also advanced mode where the box and the board can separate (not tied to each other) and thus some maneuvers can be done faster.

Still, it's a cute variation on puzzle themes

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