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Saturday, March 10, 2012

AAQR: Two GPS utilities for your Android Phone/Device

Wondering if your device's GPS is working properly? Here are two utilities to confirm:

GPS Test

GPS Test is one of those utilities that shows you the details of your GPS, like which GPS satellites you are tracking, where in the sky are they, what sort of signal strength from each, as well as derived into like position, velocity, device orientation, and so on.

It has 5 different screens and while looks a little cartoonish, it's actually quite useful.

GPS Status

GPS Status is a more "utilitiarian" looking app that shows almost the same thing as GPS Test, albeit in less friendly terms. It gives the Lat/Long coordinates instead of a map. otherwise, it shows same info as the GPS Test, and in a more condensed manner (one-screen only).

Both are quite good, actually. if you want to know how your GPS works, check both out.

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