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Monday, June 13, 2011

AAQR: MXHome Launcher

At over 7MB in size, MxHome is one of the largest home launchers ever (only LG Home beat it in terms of APK size). It also claims to be 3D and all that. However, in practice, this home launcher doesn't really have any outstanding feature. It is quite smooth, and it is theme compatible (of its own format). It has a sliding shelf (that can be opened from any home page) similar to Pandahome's "side drawers". However, all the items on the sliding shelf are pre-defined and un-customizable.

Overall, the home launcher is reminiscent vLauncher or similar iPhone launchers, having only 4 shortcuts at the bottom with big square icons. It doesn't feel that special, honest.  The themes are like 4+ MB each. Eeek.

Rating: try it, maybe?
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