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Saturday, June 18, 2011

AAQR: Angel Browser (free)

Angel Browser
Screenshot via Appbrain
Angel Browser is the successor to a Japanese Android browser called Galapagos, and it's very impressive for what it can accomplish with the regular Webkit engine, and under 1 MB in APK size.

The menu items are mostly hidden and revealed when you tap the menu button, and ALL of the major features like switch user-agent, bookmarks, zoom, speed-dial, tab browsing, and more are all here. The menu buttons are also configurable (pick the functions you want shown).

The more I use this browser the more I like it. I'm not quite sure I want to switch just yet, but it's a very viable alternative to the major choices.

NOTE: this menu is in Japanese, but the version you download is in English, really.

Rating: try it!

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