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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Highway Rider (game, free)

Highway rider is one of those simple arcade games. You control this motorcycle rider, in a 3D world, through tilt. You accelerate by getting as close to a car or stationary object (stopped car, sign, etc.) on the road. The vehicles, of course, will change lanes, to make it difficult for you.

The idea is make as many "close calls" as possible... without hitting anything. The more close-calls you did, the faster you go, and the tighter the traffic.

If you hit, you'll crash, and you'll do a ragdoll roll down the road. You'll get a tally on how many bones you broke, and your projected hospital bill.

There's also a "fugitive mode" where you make some runs with police cars, and there are some barricades and roadblocks.

You can slightly customize the bike and rider colors, but nothing major.

It's kinda fun, but repetitive. Still, free. Counts for a lot.

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