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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Game Reviews from 2010

Nuclear weapon test Romeo (yield 11 Mt) on Bik...Image via Wikipedia Here are some more game reviews from 2010 that I never got a chance to publish. 

SpaceBlaster -- shooting gallery disguised as a space shooter. You'd be tapping the screen so fast that you thought you broke it over and over. For such a ssimple game it should 
not take up 6 MB of space. 5 out of 10

Atomic Bomber -- 2D retro style game... You're a lone bomber defending the area against enemy invasion. Fly this way and that drop regular bombs on enemy units that will be moving around (read: learn how to dive bomb). And grab the powerups. Beware... Enemy do have fighters and missile launchers. Hit enemy for power ups... such as nukes. Yes, I said nukes. Kinda retro fun. 7 out of 10

Tiki Towers -- PAID APP. The idea is simple... you got 5 monkeys who want to go home, and you need to help them by building some rickety structures to help them get to the level exit. If you get help them get all 5 bananas on the level that'd be excellent. Just remember, these are monkeys... don't be surprised if they break your structures... just don't let them be killed (any one of them). There are 45 levels (organized into 5 islands of 9 levels each) and you can get multiple levels of success: got them across, got all bananas, and 'eco warrior' (used less sticks than usual). It's challenging and fun. 

Burning Eye -- alien saucers suddenly came and rained death upon Earth.. Then suddenly a pyramid rose out of the ground and started shooting an energy beam at the aliens... You are now controlling the beam. Defend humanity! Tilt the screen to move the beam... Kill all the saucers before they destroy the cities! 

11 megs for this simple game? Looks a bit excessive. At least it has "move to SD" enabled. 

Drunk Ragdoll -- a physics puzzle... help ragdoll land on the "destination" platform, by removing certain pieces causing the ground to tilt and such, thus directing the poor ragdoll around. Lite version has only 12 levels, but they are fun. Full version has 100 levels. 

MiniSquadron Lite -- frantic shooter... 2D. Drive this little plane and shoot all comers who'll be gunning for you too. Enemy "aces" comes with better planes and better equipment, such as... missiles, super lasers, and so on. Don't fly too high or you'll "stall", and recovery isn't easy. Lots of random powerups will drop from the sky as stars. Unlock more and more planes (up to 80 i the full version). 

In actual play, the controls not that responsive. As there's no real buttons to push often your finger slipped off the activation area and you didn't even notice. The control 'wheel' arrangement also doesn't seem to be very responsive. Still, it's frenetic fun for a few minutes at a time. 

Amazing Gold Rush

Remember those "claw" machines in certain shops where you put in a few quarters and see if you can make the claw grab one of the plush dolls? This is the computer equivalent in 2D. A UFO is swinging this "beam" around from the top. Tap the screen and this beam will reach out and grab something. Grab something value, as you are on a time limit to achieve a certain minimum value. Boring as heck. 

Helix HD

A variation on tower defense... You have this chopper which has guns and room for a soldier. You need to defend your base from invaders. You can drop soldiers off at forward bunkers to delay the enemy, and/or you can shoot enemies yourself. Use bounty (off killed enemies) to buy more ammo (for your guns), soldiers (for the bunkers), until you are overwhelmed. How far can you go? 

In practice, the game design of flawed. It's a landscape game, but there's not enough visibility upward due to the adbar. Also, the bunkers seem to die far too easily, and the chopper is way underarmed. 


Basically, modern clone of "Marble Madness". There's a few tricks, like "gates" and trigger plates, 

Ninja Splat

Shooting gallery with ninjas as targets. Limited time to shoot X number of them. Gets complicated when there's civilians walking about. 

Bird Hunter

You're one archer in the middle and shoot arrows at the birds flying overhead. How many can you hit?

Leave Devil Alone

A clone of Plants and Zombies, with you as a devil's disciple with various rock demons trying take on the forces of good (soldiers), a "fixed path" tower defense variant. 

Angel Piano

It's basically "Piano Hero"

Fullmetal Warrrior II lite

It's basically "Vigilante" style 2-D beat-em-up dressed up with part mecha armor/scifi and part Romance of Three Kingdoms. 

angry birds lite (beta)

Artillery game, there you have X shots to beat down the castle. Except this time you got a bunch of kamikaze birds out to exact revenge on a bunch of pigs and save their eggs. Different birds have different powers. Some are plain battering balls, some are "armor-piercing", some are delayed detonation, some are MIRV (splits into 3)...  The pigs are are clever though and have built "shelters"... Bash them down! 


Another Space Domination / Archipelago type RTS game where you need to conquer different "planets". The trick here is you can adjust how much of the force to send, from 10% to 100% with a quick slider. However, incoming calls interrupted the "campaign". The missions you "finished" are gone, as you're pushed back to the beginning of the campaign. 


Two sides "fight" by sending out different ships, and there are many: patrol boats, destroyers, missile cruisers, and battleships. The idea is to destroy the other side's base with yours ships while protecting your own. You can choose to send ships on different paths, and you have 4 different starting points to use. Also the further your ship is into enemy territory, the more money for ships you get. Lite version has 10 missions. Full versiona has a lot more and full featured editor. 

Void Defense

Kamikaze Race beta

Your accelerator is stuck. You are going as far as you can on a freeway of random cars. How far can you go before you crash? 

Hungry Shark Free

Same idea is Shark or Die, except this one is sideways 2D... You're a shark that needs to eat to stay alive, and you will go to different places, eat seals, penguins, fish, drivers, and more. You need to avoid the bad stuff, like jellyfish, mines, and more. It uses tilt sensors so somehow it's not quite as much fun as Shark or Die
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