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Thursday, February 10, 2011

AAQR: Samsung Freesync

Samsung LogoImage via WikipediaSamsung Freesync seem to be an official utility designed by TouchSoft of Korea, but it feels like an un-official hack.

The app is supposed to be a BT manager for Samsung headsets. I have a SBH600 (BT stereo headphone and headset), and a WEP475, so I want to give it a try.

The app does not recognize an existing connection to my BT headset. It insist I disconnect the BT headset, then reconnect it from within the app.

Once connected, it shows ability to announce caller (doesn't appear unless you reboot phone), read incoming Gmail, read incoming SMS, and read Alarm Event. Lack of volume setting makes the announcement a bit too loud, unfortunately. And it can only read the first 30 words.

The "BT headset" tab is supposed to control special settings for the headset, but ALL of the choices are disabled. There is no list of supported headsets, so it is impossible to know whether my headset are supported or not. I mean, they are Samsung Bluetooth headsets, right? There seem to be something about "erase data in headset", so it's possible this is for more advanced BT headsets, but which ones?

The third tab, "voice commands", again has absolutely nothing.

The help tab just shows some static slides that doesn't give any specific information.

All in all, Samsung Freesync is an undocumented mess that is mostly useless. At least it is free, but the download at several MB is quite oversized for what it does.
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