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Thursday, May 26, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Kasey's Cranky Reviews

This message will not be repeated. :-)

Announcing start of "Kasey's Cranky Reviews", a nerd's look at books, movies, novels, and more.

Some recent reviews includes (yes, I know some of these are old):


Desperado (starring Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayak)
We Were Soldiers (starring Mel Gibson)
Sky Fighters [It's like French version of Top Gun]


Shooter, autobiography by Jack Coughlin, top US sniper in the Iraq war
Freakonomics, a rogue economist looks a hidden side of everything
Foreign Babes in Bejing by Rachel DeWoskin


A Deeper Blue, Paladin of the Shadows #5 by John Ringo
Needs of the Many, a Star Trek Online tie-in novel
One Shot, a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child

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