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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AAQR: Wallpaper Wizardrii (app, free)

Wallpaper Wizardrii is an app that does what Wallaby (reviewed earlier) does, by letting you set the wallpaper, but with a couple more options. You can now set the wallpaper to

  • Scrollable – Android's default
  • No Scroll – The exact size of the display
  • Exact – The exact size of the image as seen
  • Crop Scrollable – Crop image to default behavior
  • Crop No scroll – Crop image keeping scale to display
In the screen shot, you can see the background color dialog, as well as rotate, and plug-in trigger (the plug above). At the bottom is zoom slider. It has some "plug-ins" where it access different libraries for more wallpapers to manipulate. 

Not bad, for a free app, but the interface is not as clean as Wallaby's. Still, a worthy download. 

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  1. You forgot it can now set any solid background color as an option. In addition it can stop androids default scroll behavior with most home apps like launcherpro

  2. I kinda did? I guess I'll have to emphasize it a bit more. :D