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Friday, June 15, 2012

AAQR: iStunt 2 (free)

There are a variety of games where you control the "tilt" of the object as you ride through variety of terrain and sometimes get a bit of air, and have to land properly. The "Trials" series of games are the first, but there are plenty of others. iStunt 2 takes the snowboard theme to the genre and gives it a good polish, and the result is pretty interesting.

iStunt2 has you, the snowboarder, taking on different hills. You lean forward to speed up, pull back to slow down, and do stunts in the air, then land as close to flat on the ground as possible, as an angled impact may cause you to flip and crash. As the speed rises, terrain gets more treacherous, and other hazards start to appear, the game's difficulty gets ramped up.

As the game's free (with ads, of course), it's worth checking out
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