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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AAQR: Summer Player, an universal video player for Android BOGUS APP

Summer Player used to be VPlayer Advanced until it was yanked as it was too confusing with a different VPlayer (previously reviewed).

Summer Player is a VERY good video player as it can browse for video and other media files, scan your SD card for media and present a list, or just receive "intents" from other apps for playback. It plays FLV files very well, even files that other player apps have problems with. It also plays back a TON of other media formats, including the relatively obscure RMVB.

If you insist on only using free apps, Summer Player is the BEST AVI and video player available.

Rating: Get it!

EDIT: Summer Player turned out to be a suspicious app where it was renamed MANY TIMES to be similar to the name of other players.
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