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Friday, April 8, 2011

AAQR: Flight Control

Flight Control (video game)Image via WikipediaFlight Control was the ORIGINAL air traffic touch-screen control game from Firemint. It has finally appeared on the Android Market, and it came with a host of features.

It has 5 different levels on the full version, each with some unique challenges.

The fourth level introduced emergency flights that will just ignore your commands and have their own course. You have to go around them.

The fifth level is a real doozy... You have TWO sets of runways, and depending on wind direction, some runways may be closed! (fortunately, any planes you already directed to land there will still do so... you can't can send any MORE planes to land on that runway)

There is also a full set of achievements... anything from finishing to tutorial to land 3 planes at the same time, and so on. Some of those can be quite hard to arrange, like keeping a plane in the air for a LONG time.

Unfortunately, the planes still are not that responsive, compared to other entries, and this one does not seem to have a demo version. It's PAID only (though it was free for a day on Amazon App Store)

Rating: Try it
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