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Thursday, April 7, 2011

AAQR: Got To Do Lite ( Update on GTD / Todo apps )

Here are additional reactions on the various GTD / Todo apps I've highlighted previously.

Got To Do (lite) -- this app keeps giving me "force close" dialog boxes even when it is NOT running. Somehow its service must be crashing somewhere in the background, even though I didn't run the app or configure it. As for the app itself, it seem to be a pretty good looking implementation of GTD, with adjustable templates and "front panel" which displays the various categories you want to display: starred, inbox, hotlist, due, overdue, etc. It also has ToodleDo integration and 2x2  widget for "desktop" that is white only. 

Due to the repeated "force close" dialog boxes I'll have to give this one a "skip it" for now, as there are many other apps available that do not exhibit this disturbing behavior.

Rating: Skip it
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