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Monday, June 27, 2011

AAQR: Solitaire Deluxe (only available on Amazon Appstore)

Solitaire Deluxe
screenshot via Amazon Appstore
Solitaire Deluxe was given away a few days ago on Amazon Appstore. It is a very pretty implementation of various solitaire playing card games, from pyramid to klondike and a few in between. It also adds accomplishments and in-game "currency" or points to get perks like new card backs, new backgrounds, and so on. My only complaint with this game is its HUGE size and slow-startup... 17 MB in size! Fortunately, Move2SD shrank the size down to less than 2MB, but that's still a lot for just a game.

The production values are quite good, and there are various modes to play. I am just not sure if it's worth $4.99 (regular price). Furthermore, there's some rumblings among reviewers that the app lets you buy more ingame currency (with real money through micro purchases) to unlock more games. You start with 70 plays free, but what happens when that runs out on an app you already paid for? Hmmm...

Rating: try it, maybe? When they offer a demo...
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