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Friday, July 1, 2011

AAQR: Maxthon Browser (free)

Maxthon Browser
screenshot via Appbrain
Maxthon for Windows started out as "MyIE2", a customized version of Internet Explorer. Now Maxthon is a genuine dual engine Trident (Internet Explorer) and Webkit (Chrome) browser that can automatically sense and choose the appropriate engine for optimal display of the content. In late 2010 they launched Maxthon Mobile Browser (for Android). Is it any good? Sort of.

At 2MB, this browser is not exactly lightweight, but speed is decent. In practice it doesn't seem any different from say, Miren or Dolphin (not Dolphin Mini). It has tabs, themes, and all the major features. On the other hand, it just doesn't "feel" that different from any other browser. Gestures are available in Dolphin (though it's arguable that the implementation here is better). Switch WAP/WWW is just changing user agent, and that was in Skyfire for a long time. Download manager seem to be the only unique feature.

I guess you can try it. They have a tablet version but no indicatio on what's special about it.
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