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Monday, July 11, 2011

AAQR: Fieldrunners HD (game, $2.99)

FieldrunnersImage via WikipediaFieldRunners HD is a traditional fixed-grid tower defense game where the objective is to stop the enemies from getting through. Enemies comes in all types that different in hitpoints, speed, travel method, and resistance. Air units don't follow your "grid" so they need to be dealt with separately.

You on the other hand, have 7 types of towers (only 4 or 6 available though) to defend the area with. The regular weapons are:

Each is upgradeable to level 3

Extended game adds two more types:

  • flamer
  • mortar

Then Crystal caves added some sort of super-short-range "canister" shooter.

You have "20 lives", so let no more than 19 through in 100 attack waves, and you can win the game. It's not easy though.

I've played FieldRunners on my BREW phone, and I thought I pretty much mastered it, and the HD version throws in a new wrinkle: a new level called "Crystal Caves" and a new weapon as well. Neat! Some of the maps feature multiple entrances and exits, and that makes the game very interesting indeed.

The graphics are much improved. Units now walk properly, though they still flip and die like. There are random small animations on the field, such as "entrance and exit lights" that tell you enemies are coming in additional to the arrows. The fast forward mode lets the game run at super-speed so you can see if you can make enough money to buy that next tower or not. The pause mode is there too.

Upgrades are instantaneous, no artificial delay here. You can even pause and put in additional towers or sell existing towers. You'll take some loss of course.

The controls are very smooth, even on my OG Droid (albeit my Droid's overclocked).

For $1.99 this game is worth every penny.
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1 comment:

  1. Admit its a great game, but definately needs more level. High score screen is bugged. Graphics is good.