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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Couple Hints on Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story (from Kairosoft) has a lot of little things you don't quite "get" at first, and only learn after repeating games.

all of the combinations that works are successful games in real-life.

Just think about it (following list borrowed from Phillipe Wampfler's blog)

RPG / Fantasy -- just about most RPGs!
Simulation/ Romance -- Japanese 'dating sims'
Simulation / Movies -- "The Movies"
Simulation / Game Co -- what you're playing!
Simulation / Architecture -- SimCity
Action/ Ninja -- Ninja Gaiden
Adventure / Mystery -- most "Murder Mystery" adventure games
Adventure / Cartoon -- Sam and Max, any one?
Shooter / Robot -- Mechwarrior
Shooter / War -- Call of Duty
Life / Animal -- Virtual Pet like Nintendogs
Puzzle / Reversi -- obvious
Audio Novel / Romance -- dating sim again?
Motion / Volleyball -- virtual Volleyball?
Table / Mahjong -- obvous

Workers do NOT want to work on a project three times in a row.

Only use each one twice, then go to someone else. The best pattern is probably two internal, then go to a contractor, and repeat. Else, you'll get low productivity, as the guy will burn out. Or alternate internal / external.

There are FOUR skills, but a lot more than 8 jobs. 
  • Programming is for just about everything (keyboard icon)
  • Storyline is done with creativity (gold ball icon)
  • Graphics is done with graphics (paint easel icon)
  • Sound is done with sound (trumpet icon) 
To do really big games, you need to expand to a bigger office and expand your staff. What you can do with only 4 people is limited.

Developement cycle matters

You want to time it so the game hits about Christmas. You will want to monitor how much development you can do until then. Usually, this means you start about late July / Early August, depending on how many bugs do you have crush. You may want consider using one of those "specials" to make things go faster / better. 

Use advertisement!

Advertising will get you more audience, which drives up sales. Different advertising methods have different costs and different effects. Some generate hype, some generate "popularity" for company, and some do both! 

Train those Employees, or fire them and hire new ones. 

Check for new candidates every 6-12 months. While it sure has sentimental value to grow a set of employees from scratch, it's not the most efficient. 

Stay tuned for more tips!

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