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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AAQR: Dead Space (shooter)

Dead Space comes to Android and during Google Play (re)launcher it's 49 cents.

You are Vandal, one of the mechanics who's helping the "church" do a few... special jobs. Unfortunately, you got ****ed when the power outage you caused on the order of the church allowed the NecroMorphs to invade the mining station. And now you need to make amends... by helping the real authorities save the station from the Necromorphs. You will be using the plasma cutter, blade, and saw disc launcher (and others) in your fight.

This game is a 3rd person "shooter" with dual-stick control... left hand controls forward/back and strafe left/right, while right hand controls look up/down and turn left/right. There's also reload (click on the weapon itself). The idea is to shoot the bad guys who spawn from seemingly nowhere. It's a bit like Resident Evil in its creepiness. There's also a lot about illusions and hallucinations, and double-crossing and so on.

Controls are just... weird, part of it is due to the improvised weaponry you are wielding. You start with the plasma blade/cutter. Takes a couple swipes to put the enemy down (once they're down but not dead you can do a "stomp")  The second weapon you get is the hand "torch", which shoots a beam, but has both a horizontal and a vertical mode (do quick tilt of the phone to "swap"). Some enemies are more vulnerable to one mode vs. the other (huh?!) And there's the saw disc thing. You shoot one of these off, and it'll spin like while held by a tractor beam, so you can slice an enemy multiple times as you draw the disc back and forth (until the timer runs out, all too soon).

You start out by simple navigating through the corridors and hit a power box or two. You may also run into lockers where you can grab stuff to help you upgrade later, improve one of the three weapons or upgrade your own suit which improves health.

When enemy manages to grapple you, you have a second or two to do a special swipe to remove them else you die.

The story is new chapter in the Dead Space mythos, on a parallel track of the main story.

Not a bad game at all, esp. for $0.49.

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