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Sunday, March 11, 2012

AAQR: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Racer)

NOTE: Currently on sale for $0.49, YMMV. Limited time offer.

EA is making a concerted push into Android game scene, and has commissioned many ports of their hottest properties, one such is Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, where you can race as either the law or the outlaw.

On either side, there are a series of events (divided into 4 "stages") where you can "win" individual events by scoring up to 3 stars (for full success). Though just one star is needed to "pass" the event. You can always go back and replay the event with a better vehicle. As you gain stature (by scoring "bounty" on both sides) you advance in level and gain access to better vehicles and tougher challenges.

Events are both sides are varied, with a few events that's not even found on the PC and console side. For example, the "law" side in NFS:HP on PC and console was often derided as lacking in events. So a couple events were added... including a law enforcement race. It's like rapid deployment (single car against the clock), except you will be racing 3 other lawmen to the finishline, and you CAN use personal pursuit aids, such as EMP and spike strips. (They won't use it against you, don't worry). Also, rapid deployment is now more like a checkpoint race where you need to hit each stage to get time added to the clock instead of just race all the way to the very end.

Graphics are quite good, though where the road and shoulder is weren't always quite apparent. Add to that quite a few "sharp" turns where you need to almost negotiate blindly, and other vehicles on the road, and things CAN be challenging. The trick is turn just sharp enough to make it through the corner, but NOT to drift, as drifting actually slows you down.

There's a TON of achievements, like using 25 seconds of nitro, drive 100 miles, crash into 10 cars, hit 10 EMP blasts, and so on, most of which have at least 3 if not 5 levels (like 5, 10, 25, 100, 250 seconds of nitro, for example).

The regular tilt control where the car auto-accelerates and you just control brakes, nitro, and the specials, while you steer through tilt, is quite workable. If you want ultimate control you can manually do the throttle (which allows better cornering).

All in all, the game can be a bit frustrating for those starting as the race themselves CAN be quite hard until they get the nuances of turning without drifting and so on. On the other hand, it is a very competent port and very usable while NOT an identical game to the console or PC (I have the PC version).

At 49 cents it's a STEAL. Get it (In fact, I think I like this better than Asphalt 6)

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