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Thursday, January 27, 2011

AAQR: A few more clock widgets

SVG digital clock example (23:59:59).Image via WikipediaTransparent Clock Widget (by sorapps) -- regular analog clock with purple text and hands, but at least it's completely transparent. There are several other "transparent clocks" in the market for free. So look around and see which one you like.

Advanced Clock Widget -- another "digital clock" with more stuff, this one allows up to 5 other lines of information, such as date, weather, location, carrier, battery, free mem, etc. that you can configure. You can configure it with different backgrounds, different colors and much more. It also seem to load no service! I don't see any service in ATK for this widget. The only complaints: some display issues in landscape mode, and occasionally the clock is a few minutes behind.

Tajm -- another "text clock" in the style of battStatt, similar to Clockr but in a different style of text. Text is in the style like "TWENTY SIX minutes after TEN AM", 2x1 widgets. If you don't like Clockr or Minimalist give this one a try.

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