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Saturday, January 29, 2011

And a couple MORE LWP reviews before they are included in the main review...

Angry Birds Interactive LWP -- another OwnSkin production, this one has a huge DEMO scrolling across the screen, but the art is quite good. Still, is this thing licensed? Is it allowed for one guy to make money off another's IP?

Floating Red Hearts -- 11MB for... video loop. WTF?!  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS JUNK

Nightfall LWP -- ever seen those night long-exposure photos where the stars make streaks? This LWP recreates that effect. However, it takes 4MB in space.

Droid LWP -- watch Andy the android and his various cousins do some sports... Except it's just randomly animated sprites like hang-gliding, skate-boarding, etc. BORING!

Lovely Sakura LWP -- does NOT work, just FC on my Droid.

Circulate GL -- a couple particles in a circle "rotate". When you have 3 sets of these rotate it gets pretty fancy looking without taking up too much CPU

Love Echo LWP -- a bunch of different sized and colored circles form different shapes like heart, L, O, V, E, and so on. Nicely animated, doesn't seem to take up too much CPU

Line LWP -- BORING AS HECK, just that "bouncing line", only for those with nostalgia

Cafewall -- remember the visual illusion where it suggests perfectly parallel lines are not parallel by inducing some visual tricks? Imagine that turned into a live wallpaper with things move, further driving your eyes nuts.
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