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Sunday, January 23, 2011

AAQR: SiMi Folders and CircleLauncher Lite, two "app folder" apps for Android

Android robot logo.Image via WikipediaThe word "launcher" has several meanings in Android. To me, "launcher" means a "home replacement" where you have "screens" full of shortcuts to the apps. However, some app makers make shortcuts to "folders" which pops up a list to launch more apps. In other words, it makes one shortcut do the job of multiple shortcuts.

I call these app folders. The first one on the market is "App organizer", but since there are a few variants. There are quite a few, so these are by no means a completely review.

SiMi Folders

Simi Folder is a customizable folder widget based on SiMi Clock's clean looks. You can choose vertical or horizontal, and multiple sizes. It is very customizable, with multiple looks and sizes to choose from.  The pop-up bar with the apps is horizontal.

Download SiMi Folder from Appbrain

CircleLauncher Lite

This one is a bit different. You can specify a bunch of apps into this "widget". Tap the widget and the list of apps (icons) will appear in a circle around this widget. This one is a bit more interesting than most. Most just pop up a window but looks just like the normal launcher.

Download CircleLauncher Lite from Appbrain

NOTE: There's a different Circle Launcher (with a space)

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