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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AAQR: dodol PhoneUsage

dodol PhoneUsage seem to be a very nice phone usage analyzer. It does calls, SMS, and data.

When you first start the app it starts in "Data". If APNDroid is installed, you can use it to turn off 3G (thus disable mobile data connection). The interface is clear except for some terminology issues. It says "Total" (total data today), Suggestion (recommended quota for that day), then sent and received (for that day). You also see the Monthly (as defined quota) and time remaining. In this aspect, it is BETTER than 3G Watchdog. However, 3G Watchdog can do daily breakdown, something this app can't.

This app, however, has bargraphs that will show the last 5 periods. if you swipe left (i.e. go right), you get the graph where you see the data consumption for the last 5 days, and last 5 months.

Simialr screens exist for Calls and Text Messages.

What's really impreesive is the notification. If you swipe down the notification area, you'll see that PhoneUsage has a whole bar that shows today's data, total data, total calls, and total messages. That is pretty darn impressive!

If you prefer not to use the notification there is also a matching 2x1 widget that shows the data used, calls made, and messages consumed for the current billing period.

For call, data, and sms, you can define both month and DAILY alarms, as well as offsets (adjustments). It can't really distinguish between "in-network" calls or not, so the call minutes and such are not accurate, but then, it's better to over count than under count, right?

You can also have it do NO auto-update at all, and only have it manually update when you run it. The widgets won't be accurate, but then, do you really need to know how much you used by the minute?

All in all, this sure gives 3G Watchdog a run for the money.

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