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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AAQR: Smart Monitor Lite

Smart Monitor Lite is one of those Android Apps out of China that tries to include as many functions as possible, but end up being "jack of all trades, master of none". There are some interface quirks as well that prevents it from getting a high score.

Smart Monitor gives a smart and clear view of how your system resources are used overall, but it seem to left the details up to the pro version. It has four tabs: system, storage, network, and traffic.

In the system tab, you only know the percentage of CPU and memory used, but have no details. You also get battery and display brightness settings.

In the storage tab, it tells you about "system", "user cache", "user data", and "sd card". These are the terms used internally by Android, so a regular user would have no idea what they are, except SD card. "User Data" is actually "app storage" (i.e. how many apps you've loaded). System and Cache together is main RAM.

In the network tab, you just get mobile data "network", and Wi-Fi. If you are online, you get the respective IP addresses, and on WiFi you get the signal strength. Nothing about subnet mask or stuff like that.

In traffic you get a counter for "mobile" (keeps changing the terminology) and WiFi, and there's no way to "offset" it if you start in the middle of the billing period. There is also no breakdown of the traffic.

The interface is also quirky. On Android. you slide "left" (i.e. flick the current page left) to get to the next page on the right. However, in this app you slide RIGHT to go right. It's just completely backwards.

At least the service it loads is a mere 3 MB in memory. However, it has no widgets.

There are better data usage monitors out there, even the all-in-one monitors.
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